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Last updated: June 2017
  • Implemented Chef and Bazel to manage the migration of several internal services from Ubuntu 12.04 to 16.04. Tested these services on ec2 hosts before deploying to production.

  • Participated in technical design reviews and built technology to replace Nagios’ NRPE daemon, which unblocked 90 racks from participating in Disaster Recovery Tests. 

  • Built Command Line Interface to measure capacity utilization in Kafka partitions. The CLI allows the user to diff utilization logs to see what has changed to allow for quick diagnostics for on-call engineers. 

  • Added monitoring and analytics to our internal outage reporting system, worked with security team to ensure safe and secure practices. 

  • Updated Dropbox's open source Pagerduty library (pygerduty) to be compatible with Pagerduty API v2.

  • Redesigned protocol used for running remote Nagios checks, previously managed by NRPE. The design involved cross-team collaboration that ultimately let to implementing an open source technology called remctl-shell. This project unblocked 90 racks from being able to participate in Disaster Recovery Tests. 

  • Migrated 5 services from Ubuntu 12.04 to 16.04 through creating build packages using Bazel and migrating configs from Puppet to Chef. Before deploying everything to the new version, I tested them on a ec2 host.

  • Served in top level on-call rotation.

  • Created an onboarding framework for managers and mentors to support new members of Infrastructure org. 

  • Lead and contributed to the creation and distribution of team newsletters. Worked with other members of my team to summarize a comprehensive list of achievements from Q4 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017.

  • Involved in user interviews for new Monitoring and Alerting systems. 

  • Worked closely with other members of infrastructure to develop a Diversity and Inclusion Problem Framework.

  • Organized off-site for Infrastructure Organization to see Hidden Figures.

  • Sat on the Black History Month Planning Committee which involved planning events and sending communication about events through weekly newsletters.

  • Organized several events to support Women in Tech at Dropbox including two Women's History Month events and several events in support of Hackbright Academy.

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