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Hackbright is an intense, highly competitive 10-week accelerated software engineering fellowship for women. The curriculum covers fundamentals of computer science, algorithms, and object-oriented programming. Through individual projects, pair programming and daily exercises, students gain experience and attain proficiency in the following areas:
Python, Javascript, jQuery, Flask, HTML, CSS, Jinja, AJAX, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, and SQLAlchemy.


Parrot is an interactive learning tool that makes learning Spanish as a second language easy, fun and social. Intended for users who have achieved minimum professional language proficiency, Parrot allows users to translate phrases in an article when they get stuck. Users can register, save article preferences and select articles to read. Phrases can be selected and Parrot will show a translation right above the selection! It is user-friendly and intuitive. Users can make comments and respond to comments from other users. The 'Parrot feature' allows the user to send a phrase and its translation to their mobile device for on the go review. Translated phrases are also added to a Vocabulary List that are accessible within the app. 


Parrot is written in Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS with the use of Flask, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, SQL, Postgresql, SQLAlchemy, Jinja and Bootstrap. Article data was retrieved using newspaper Python library. Phrases are translated using Google Translate API. Messages are sent via Twilio API. 

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